Georgian restaurant "Cha-cha"

Chacha is not only tasteful and strong grape vodka (as far as vodka can be tasteful), it is also high-quality and not expensive dishes of Georgian cuisine.

Crispy and juicy Adjarian khachapuri in a bread boat with egg or Imereti-style khachapuri - with a golden, ruddy crust on top. Hearty kubdari - pies with chicken or pork. Khinkali - an indispensable dish in a Georgian restaurant. Portion of 4 pieces at a very reasonable price. The most popular of them - from pork and beef meat or from beef meat. And vegetarians will like khinkali with potato filling.

And what a Georgian restaurant can be without a good shashlik? We are preparing shashlik, or rather, shashlik languish in a tandoor oven - stone oven on oak wood. Veal, pork, chicken, and next to them - beef and deer meat lyulya-kebabs! Golden trout will be cooked in the same oven. All these dishes are served on oak boards with home-baked potatoes, sauce and fresh vegetable salad. Traditional Georgian dishes - Kharcho, Lobio, Phali, Chakhokhbili, Shoti bread. And, of course, for dessert - delicious juicy baklava!

Of course, inexpensive, but high-quality famous Georgian wines. As well as the most delicious beer from our own brewery - “Karlovarské pivo Starý Hrad” - unfiltered and unpasteurized, which means it is also very healthy!

The cozy restaurant room is designed for 50 guests. The restaurant is located near the final stop of the city bus number 15, which takes you from the stop Trznice in 15 minutes.

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Saturday, 02 March 2024

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Georgian restaurant "Cha-cha"

Závodu míru 62/116, 360 17 Karlovy Vary

IČ: 24143693

+420 725 012 777

Sunday-Saturday: 10:00 – 22:00